The Future of E-Cigs and Flavors Has Arrived

1The arrival of e-cigarettes and vaping took the entire tobacco world by surprise. Yes, there was a belief among manufacturers of traditional cigarettes that the e-cig variety would be popular. Just how popular electronic cigarettes turned out to be has shocked the aging, declining tobacco industry. Electronic cigarettes are, in many ways, the future of “smoking”, a future comprised of water vapors and no actual smoke.

Science-Fiction Arrives

Classic and modern science-fiction films, books, and other forms of entertainment all like to promote a vision of the future that is both advanced and improved. E-cigarettes represent a real-life version of the unique world scene in those escapist television shows and movies. Those wondering if e-cigarettes are for them could look at fantasy fare for inspiration. Those who watch older movies and see traditional smoking may be prompted to think about the problems associated with tobacco. Maybe cigarette smokers might think it is a better plan to embrace the future — and present — by opting to try e-cigs.

The Future is Trendy

The saying “the future is today” should fit well with any e-cig marketing strategy. The individuals targeted in the marketing campaign do not even have to be science-fiction fans. They just have to enjoy all trendy things. E-cigs are extremely trendy, and this fuels the popularity. Trendiness alone does not move product on its own. Variety helps.

Amazing Flavors

All the great e-liquid flavors available for “vapers” absolutely does help with the popularity of electronic cigarettes. A top seller such as Hangsen E-Liquids provides all sorts of original and interesting flavors. Those interesting in the best the future of e-cigs have to offer should check out Hangsen’s inventory.

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