An E-liquid is the liquid that goes in the vape pens which are growing in popularity. There are different styles of vape pens that give you more or less at a time but they all work the same. While it is associated with smoking the E-liquid is completely different as the only ingredient that is the same in the two is the nicotine. While the nicotine is addictive it can be much lower or not at all in the E-liquid but that is up to the consumer. The other thing is that while the nicotine is addictive it is not as toxic to the body in the form of the E-liquid versus going with cigarettes that have far more toxic chemicals that are added to them.

The E-liquids are made with a few food grade ingredients that have not been proven to cause any harm. Where some people are cautious is that this is a new thing so there has not been time to do ten-year studies on using the liquid so the long term side effects are still unknown about the whole thing. The E-liquid though has been proven to have no short term side effects and even when simulation tests have been done to simulate the results the difference between smoking and vaping with the liquid is drastically different as long as the liquid is from a reputable dealer as that is another thing that you need to watch out for. Picking a liquid from a brand you can trust is something that you really need to do because there are liquids out there that are toxic and bad but they are usually from Asian countries and not from the western countries where the standards are high. For more ideas visit hangseneliquids.co.uk.


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