What is eLiquid and Where can you Buy it in the UK?

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAIf you live in the UK and have decided to start using an electronic cigarette, you will first need to buy a few bottles of eliquid before you can.

What is eliquid, and where can you buy it in the UK? Especially if you want to have access to as many flavors as possible.

What is eliquid? — The liquid that is used to create vapor in an electronic cigarette is known as eliquid. It is manufactured from a mix of water, vegetable glycerin and food-class flavorings. Most eliquid also includes nicotine in a variety of strengths.

Why is eliquid flavored? — If you just vaped the vapor from an eliquid without any flavorings, it really would not taste very nice. It would not even be as nice as smoking a cigarette, as the only thing you would be able to taste would be the nicotine. That is why a variety of flavors are added to eliquids to make them pleasant to vape.

What flavors are available? — These include everything from sweet flavors like fruit juices, cookies, brownies, coconut and caramel to drink flavors like coffee, beer and mojito. You can even buy eliquid that tastes like Coke, menthol and cigarettes.

Where can you buy it in the UK? — You can buy it online from many different suppliers. The most popular, however, is Hangsen eliquids. They are the world’s biggest manufacturer of eliquids, sell an enormous number of flavors and have the highest quality eliquids on the market.

You can order directly from their website where they offer fast and free shipping, same day shipping and even rewards points so you can work your way to free bottles of eliquid as well. No wonder they are one of the most popular websites in the UK for eliquid orders.

Visit hangseneliquids.co.uk for more information.

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