E Cigarettes: What are They?

c1For hundreds of years people have smoked cigarettes. Back in the day, tobacco was considered healthy for you and doctors even recommended it to people to relieve stress! However, in the recent decades it has been proven that smoking is terrible for your health and is not recommended. What should people do then if they still want that nicotine rush? E cigarettes are becoming the new fad and are filled with vaping liquids. These are often referred to as e liquids.

The basic ingredients to e liquid is nicotine, water, flavor and polypropylene glycol. One interesting benefit to e cigarettes is that you can vary the amount of nicotine that is in your cigarette. That way past smokers can use the e cigarette to slowly work themselves off of the nicotine that is drawing them to cigarettes. The ingredients in e cigarettes have been approved by the FDA as safe. They have been determined as a health alternative to smoking for those looking to stop smoking or just want something a little safer to replace them. The nicotine in the e liquid can help reduce the nicotine urges for people traveling as well. It is easier to find places that allow vaping than smoking.

E liquids come in many different flavors from caramel to menthol. They even come in many different fruit flavors. E cigarettes are much more personal and safer than traditional cigarettes. E liquids can also be refilled saving you some money and time. It is recommended to only refill them with store bought e liquid because homemade juices may not be safe.

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