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What is Eliquid and Where is it Usually Used?


What is eliquid and where is it usually used?

If you smoke cigarettes, or use various alternatives to them, you may have heard people talk about eliquid. You may not know what it is, however, or where it is usually used.

If you are looking for an alternative to cigarettes, then becoming familiar with eliquids would help. After all, they can be an excellent way to help you stop smoking permanently.

What is an eliquid? — This is the name for the liquid that is used to power a vaporizer or e-cigarette.

An eliquid is poured into the vaporizer or e-cigarette’s chamber, then the device is turned on. After the battery inside it has heated the eliquid, a vapor begins to develop. That vapor is what the user smokes, in the same way that he would smoke a traditional cigarette.

Brands and flavors of eliquid — Not every eliquid creates a vapor that tastes like every other, however, as eliquids are made in many different flavors and by many brands.

That is why most serious e-cigarette users spend a lot of time trying different brands and testing out different flavors. This allows them to find the brand and flavor of eliquid they prefer.

Where can you buy eliquid? — Some offline specialty stores sell it, but most people buy theirs on the Internet.

Here you will find a large number of eliquid manufacturers and eliquid suppliers selling thousands of different types. They usually have some of the lowest prices as well.

Finding the best eliquid for your tastes will usually mean ordering a few bottles from different suppliers and narrowing down the brand first. You can then narrow down the flavors you like afterwards. To know more read on

What is an Eliquid and Should You Use One?

Person making ejuice

If stopping smoking is something you want to do, someone may have told you to use eliquids instead.

What is an eliquid, and should you use them in place of your usual cigarettes?

What is an eliquid? — The term eliquid is an abbreviation of the term electronic liquid, and it is the substance that is used to fuel an e-cigarette.

Once placed into the e-cigarette, the substance is heated up until it begins to emit a vapor. This vapor is what is smoked by the person using it, just like they would smoke the smoke from a nicotine cigarette.

Should you use eliquids? — If you have been using cigarettes and feel as though you would like to quit, switching to an electronic cigarette and an eliquid can be a good alternative.

People that do switch often report having improved health due to being able to breathe much easier. They also say they save money when switching to using eliquids as they are cheaper than cigarettes.

As eliquids come in many different flavors, they can also allow people to get over the boredom they sometimes feel at always smoking the same flavor of cigarette. This is especially true when you consider eliquids come in flavors like mint, caramel, chocolate, whisky and beer.

Where to buy eliquids? — If you do want to try using eliquids, you can buy a wide variety of them from one of many online suppliers.

Buying a couple of sample packs would allow you to try four to 10 flavors, giving you an idea of the many types of eliquids that are available. Get to know more come visit

Hangsen’s E-liquid. A league of its own


Hangsen’s E-liquid. A league of its own

If you are looking for an alternative to cigarette then let’s talk. On the market today there are hundreds of thousands of options for cigarette alternatives, most from what I’ve learned are no better then a cigarette itself, with chemicals and artificial everything in them. However, I’d like to talk to you about Hangsen’s e-liquid.

Hangsen is a UK based e-liquid company that was founded in 2009. They quickly because “the Flavor of life” with their unbeatable e-liquids, taking the vaping world by storm. Since that time, they have become the number one e-liquid brand globally, serving over eighty-five countries.

Co-founder of Dekang, Mr Yao, distraught by the effects of smoking harmful cigarettes spent twelve months and a million pounds researching a safer alternative to cigarettes. Through this research he created a recipe that included a PG/VG base. This was the first time it had been done and it revolutionize the vaping industry. In 2009 he left Dekang and created Hangsen. Mr. Yao is responsible for creating a wide number of popular flavors, ones that are still popular today.

What makes Hangsen’s e-liquid a step above the rest? Well unlike other companies that use artificial tobacco to get the flavor in the liquid, Hangsen’s using extract from real tobacco. This allows its users to enjoy natural tobacco taste yet avoiding the chemical filled tobacco in cigarettes. Because of this Hangsen e-liquid has made a name for itself among e cigarette users and the industry itself.

Because of Mr. Yao’s dedication to recreating a healthier alternative to smoking we have been introduced to the worlds best. For more info read on

E Cigarettes: What are They?

c1For hundreds of years people have smoked cigarettes. Back in the day, tobacco was considered healthy for you and doctors even recommended it to people to relieve stress! However, in the recent decades it has been proven that smoking is terrible for your health and is not recommended. What should people do then if they still want that nicotine rush? E cigarettes are becoming the new fad and are filled with vaping liquids. These are often referred to as e liquids.

The basic ingredients to e liquid is nicotine, water, flavor and polypropylene glycol. One interesting benefit to e cigarettes is that you can vary the amount of nicotine that is in your cigarette. That way past smokers can use the e cigarette to slowly work themselves off of the nicotine that is drawing them to cigarettes. The ingredients in e cigarettes have been approved by the FDA as safe. They have been determined as a health alternative to smoking for those looking to stop smoking or just want something a little safer to replace them. The nicotine in the e liquid can help reduce the nicotine urges for people traveling as well. It is easier to find places that allow vaping than smoking.

E liquids come in many different flavors from caramel to menthol. They even come in many different fruit flavors. E cigarettes are much more personal and safer than traditional cigarettes. E liquids can also be refilled saving you some money and time. It is recommended to only refill them with store bought e liquid because homemade juices may not be safe.

Check out for more information.

What is Eliquid and is it a good Alternative to Smoking Cigarettes?


What is eliquid and is it a good alternative to smoking cigarettes?

If you are looking for an alternative to smoking cigarettes, you may want to give an eliquid a try.

What is an eliquid and is it the best alternative to smoking nicotine cigarettes? Or are there better ways to quit?

What is an eliquid? — This is the liquid you put into an electric cigarette. Once you turn the cigarette on, the liquid heats up and creates vapor. The vapor is what you smoke, just like you would smoke a nicotine cigarette.

Is using an eliquid a good alternative to cigarettes? — People that quit smoking say using an eliquid is a superb alternative.

A typical eliquid tends to be much cheaper than a pack of cigarettes, they come in a myriad of flavors and they are much better for your health. People report being able to breathe easier, having less problems with chest tightness and coughing and overall say they tend to feel better.

As switching to an eliquid also lowers your risk of illnesses like cancer, emphysema, diabetes and other cigarette-related illnesses, the benefits for your health can be quite numerous.

When you also factor in your breath, your hair and your clothes will no longer smell of smoke, and that the smell of most eliquids is much more pleasant, and you may notice your friends want to spend more time around you as well.

Where to buy eliquids? — They are available both on the Internet and off, and come in a huge variety of flavors.

If you are not sure about the flavors of eliquid you may like, ask another user for recommendations. You will find thousands of eliquid users in online forums set up for the purpose of discussing the new vaping phenomena. Many of them are very helpful to newcomers to vaping. Read on for more details.

Everything You Need to Know About Eliquids


What is E liquid?

Electric cigarettes have become more common as the years have gone by. More and more people have decided to go with electric cigarettes because they are more convenient and people seem to like them more. E cigarettes have become the modern new way to smoke and enjoy the vaping experience that many people love to do. They first came out with the E cigarette i 2004, and since them , it has has a lot of people to change from the regular smoking cigarette to the vaping experience. The E liquid that is found in the electric cigarette is what creates the vape and gives off the flavor that you choose. E liquid is the fluid that fuels up the electric cigarette.

There is a wide variety of E liquid that you can choose from. There are some electric liquids that contain nicotine, and there is also some that do not contain any nicotine at all. There is also a wide variety of electric liquids that have different strength and flavors. There are liquids that contain no nicotine and there are some liquids that contain up to 24 mg of nicotine and this is considered the highest or most strongest liquid. The E liquid is used to be bale to give the the electronic cigarette a smooth flavor and a better smoking experience for the customer. There are many liquid that are combined with artificial flavors that include vanilla, apple, strawberry, etc.

There are many places where you are now able to find these E Cigarettes and the E liquids that they need in order to function properly. E Cigarettes have changed the way that smoking is seen by others, and many more people have seemed to enjoy it that much more than the regular smoke.

Visit for more information.

What is eLiquid and Where can you Buy it in the UK?

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAIf you live in the UK and have decided to start using an electronic cigarette, you will first need to buy a few bottles of eliquid before you can.

What is eliquid, and where can you buy it in the UK? Especially if you want to have access to as many flavors as possible.

What is eliquid? — The liquid that is used to create vapor in an electronic cigarette is known as eliquid. It is manufactured from a mix of water, vegetable glycerin and food-class flavorings. Most eliquid also includes nicotine in a variety of strengths.

Why is eliquid flavored? — If you just vaped the vapor from an eliquid without any flavorings, it really would not taste very nice. It would not even be as nice as smoking a cigarette, as the only thing you would be able to taste would be the nicotine. That is why a variety of flavors are added to eliquids to make them pleasant to vape.

What flavors are available? — These include everything from sweet flavors like fruit juices, cookies, brownies, coconut and caramel to drink flavors like coffee, beer and mojito. You can even buy eliquid that tastes like Coke, menthol and cigarettes.

Where can you buy it in the UK? — You can buy it online from many different suppliers. The most popular, however, is Hangsen eliquids. They are the world’s biggest manufacturer of eliquids, sell an enormous number of flavors and have the highest quality eliquids on the market.

You can order directly from their website where they offer fast and free shipping, same day shipping and even rewards points so you can work your way to free bottles of eliquid as well. No wonder they are one of the most popular websites in the UK for eliquid orders.

Visit for more information.




An E-liquid is the liquid that goes in the vape pens which are growing in popularity. There are different styles of vape pens that give you more or less at a time but they all work the same. While it is associated with smoking the E-liquid is completely different as the only ingredient that is the same in the two is the nicotine. While the nicotine is addictive it can be much lower or not at all in the E-liquid but that is up to the consumer. The other thing is that while the nicotine is addictive it is not as toxic to the body in the form of the E-liquid versus going with cigarettes that have far more toxic chemicals that are added to them.

The E-liquids are made with a few food grade ingredients that have not been proven to cause any harm. Where some people are cautious is that this is a new thing so there has not been time to do ten-year studies on using the liquid so the long term side effects are still unknown about the whole thing. The E-liquid though has been proven to have no short term side effects and even when simulation tests have been done to simulate the results the difference between smoking and vaping with the liquid is drastically different as long as the liquid is from a reputable dealer as that is another thing that you need to watch out for. Picking a liquid from a brand you can trust is something that you really need to do because there are liquids out there that are toxic and bad but they are usually from Asian countries and not from the western countries where the standards are high. For more ideas visit


Behind The Vaping Sensation


Behind The Vaping Sensation

Back in the days there was a song called, “The Vapors.” Now it seems like everyone’s catching it. Not only that, but they’re catching it in flavors! Who would have thought that vaping would have become a huge successful and enjoyable alternative to smoking cigarettes. And the most important part of vaping is E-liquid.

E-liquid is made up of Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG) base recipe with added flavors. The first E-liquid was created by a man named Jide Yao in 2005. Being in the medical field Jide Yao saw what tobacco cigarettes were doing to people all over the world. All types of Illnesses and deaths. After witnessing all the devastating effects tobacco cigarettes were doing to people, Jide Yao took it upon himself to try and find a solution to the problem. He wanted to make a meaningful difference. And after years of research and a whole lot of dollars, he did! And in 2009, his E-liquid formula came into play and changed not only the design of electronic cigarettes, but a lot of lives as well.

There are so many different E-liquid flavors to choose from. There’s even a product called the Hangsen RY4 tobacco flavour. I guess that was designed for people that were having a hard time with the tobacco cigarette cravings. But with the flavors of caramel, minty menthol, and a shot of vanilla, there’s no wonder why it became a top seller. E-liquid is world wide with flavors from drink flavors to fruit flavors. From E-cigarettes to E-cigars. Hangsen E-liquids CEO, Mr Yao saw a future in vaping and here it is

Nowadays you see people inside or outside vaping away enjoying the flavored sensation with very few complaints from people. Especially, when all you really smell is fruits and flowers from the vapors. For more ideas read on

What is an E-liquid

What is an E-liquid


Electronic cigarettes are an increasingly popular way to smoke tobacco and has been increasingly replacing traditional rolled tobacco. There are many benefits of using electronic cigarettes that users experience and many of these tie in to the use of e-liquids in these electronic devices as opposed to the traditional tobacco used by smokers in the past. Understanding just what an e-liquid is can help a user to determine if they are the right choice for them.

What are E-liquids?

E-liquids are containers which hold liquefied nicotine and different flavorings which are smoked as part of an electronic cigarette. An e-liquid is heated up by an atomizer at a higher temperature than traditional cigarettes are and as a result smoke is not emitted from the substance. The e-liquid itself can contain a variety of different flavors and additives which can be of various interest to a customer. E-liquids are longer lasting than traditional cigarettes and provide for some real cost savings when using it. Here are some of the major considerations to keep in mind when you are choosing an e-liquid.

Different Flavors of E-liquids

One of the biggest considerations for a customer is the flavor of the e-liquid ad the impact that it has on the overall experience. E-liquids come in all different flavors and concentrations. Some e-liquids are designed with lower doses of nicotine in order to help users ween themselves off of an nicotine addiction. Others have add additives like Cbd oil which provide various health benefits. Others come with a

range of different flavors which can be combined per your tastes. The key is that using e-liquids provides a user with the flexibility of choosing an offering that is appropriate for their taste preferences and allows for maximum choice and versatility to help enhance the smoking process. Visit for more details.